Ted Hoffstatter for State Representative

...he's a life-long Wiltonian

Ted was raised in Wilton and attended local public schools, where he played varsity ice hockey for the Wilton Warriors. Growing up, his family spent summers on Long Island Sound, boating out of Cove Marina in Norwalk and Saugatuck Harbor Yacht Club in Westport.

Those experiences helped him appreciate the beautiful communities in this district, and reinforced his belief that we need a strong voice in Hartford to preserve them.

...and a non-partisan civic leader

Community participation is in Ted's blood. His mother was a member of the Republican Town Committee. She also worked to save historic Old Town Hall, and had Ted knocking on doors by the age of twelve for issues that affected local small businesses.

Ted's parents' views and commitment to family have had a profound impact on his approach to government today: he is a fiscal conservative and a social progressive with the track record to prove it.

As a dedicated husband, father, teacher, and member of the Wilton Board of Selectman, Ted has always put family and community first. Now he is running to be State Representative and bring this legacy of bridge-building to Hartford.

...who believes it's time to change the tone

“Public service isn't about shrill, partisan politics. Instead, it's about listening and working with one another to achieve for the common good. If we want to improve the content of what comes out of Hartford, we must improve the process and refocus on what's important to Connecticut families. It's time to change the game.”

On the Issues

Connecticut has a budget problem. Connecticut has a spending problem. Serving on Wilton's Board of Selectmen for the past 5 years, Ted fought to create sustainable budgets that keep taxes in check yet while maintaining the services we all depend on.

“I've yet to see a budget presented where I could not find places to cut responsibly" says Ted. At the same time, "if Connecticut is to attract new businesses, create jobs, and keep our young people here, we do need to invest in research and development projects and infrastructure.”

Ted consistently fights to protect wildlife. As a Selectman he has spearheaded Wilton's Reusable Bag Initiative promoting the use of reusable bags at retail checkout in order to reduce waste and help small businesses save money.

He has been an advocate for energy conservation as an outspoken public participant in Connecticut's Neighbor to Neighbor Program—focused on saving homeowners money on their energy bills.

Ted is a CT BEST Certified Social Studies Teacher who has taught in various roles in Wilton, Bridgeport, Stamford, and New Haven. Few others in Hartford have this kind of classroom experience.

Ted feels strongly that as we navigate bold changes in our education system, we need people with educational experience involved in the oversight.

Twenty-five years ago, Ted's father often missed dinner with his family because of his lengthy daily commute to NYC. In the intervening 2 decades, nothing has changed for commuters in terms of efficiency, but the cost to commute has gone up.

In order to grow the local and state economy and create jobs, we must invest in our transportation infrastructure.

Join the Team

Ted is geniunely committed to making sure he represents ALL of the residents of the 143rd district. Stop by at community events in Wilton, Norwalk, and Westport to share your perspective on the issues.

If you'd like to get involved with the campaign by volunteering to make calls, host lawn signs, or walk the district, please get in touch using the form below.